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I can create more appealing videos from footage, remove bloopers, add in effected etc. I have experience adding subtitles to videos, and editing narrated videos from English to Thai and vice versa too. I took one YouTube channel I manged from 0 to 20K subscribers!

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Video Editing

Complete Video Conversion from English to Thai

I worked for Booster Shot Media company, I edited 2 videos from English Thai and Laos. The client provided audios (voice-over), graphics, and subtitles in each language.

Original Version

Thai Version

Laos Version

Adding Subtitle to The Videos

I added Thai, Arabic, Spanish, and English to the video on Adobe Premeier Pro. The client (IQiyi & The MMaker) provided the video and the subtitles with .srt and .ass. I also created the thumbail for these video to post them on Instagram.

Beauty Video

I’m working for Bakingmill as a video editor and also creating her catchy thumbnails. This channel is about beauty and lifestyle. We create beauty content together to grow the YouTube Channel and Facebook page as well as plan and develop video to promote her sponsors which are several beauty companies based in Thailand.

Life Style, Vlog, Personal Video

Some lifestyle, vlog, and personal channel videos that I have work on are “Chuejaipark” , “Asian on Duty” and “Go with Yogi“. I edit videos after talking to the client about the theme or storyboard of the video and then I add some nice music (no copyright, to earn money from YouTube) and sound effects, animated effects, video effects, graphic, text, and translation if required.

Interview Video

An interview video that I have worked is on”Chuejaipark” and “Ingfah-Waraha”. I added a question text box, graphic, and subtitles. I can also do this with different views from different cameras to put it in the same video and make it seem more professional.

Food Video

I can edit any kind of food or drinks video e.g. only food with music or for a food tv show. Food video can be a very clean video with smooth music or voice over (in English or Thai) and text or subtitles. To view some of my previous work, you can see more here.

Sport Video

I have work for an amazing sport camp for kids in Koh Samui, Thailand, called “Samba kicks“. With these videos, I filmed videos and edited them under a Bazilian theme as that is the owner’s nationality. 

I made the videos seem fun, with motivating music. Click here to see another video that I did for this company.

YouTube Channel Management

I worked for the YouTube channel “Go with Yogi” for a year as a video creator. I worked on all processes in videos as well as finding sponsors for monetization. 

This channel has 20K subscribers (updated on 28/11/2020) and 179k views on the most popular video. I can help you grow your channel successfully to earn an income like this too.

What I can offer:

– Create content.

– Create theme, layout, mood & tone of the videos or channel.

– Edit videos.

– Create graphic for videos.

– Create graphic images/ photo editing (Thumbnails for any platform, Youtube covers and other social media platforms).

– Upload videos and put cards, end screen, description details with affiliate links if needed.

– Share video on other platforms with captions and powerful hashtags. 

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