I offer English-Thai translation and vice versa, translation for subtitles, transcriptions in Thai, proofreading in Thai, re-writing or writing in Thai. I can also do translation on a call if you have a meeting with Thai partners or clients and need help to understand technicalities, or get your point across.


I have done lot of translation work for descriptions on websites, product captions, captions on social media, ad captions, science projects, documents and more. I can do English-Thai and vice versa as well as re-writing content in Thai using SEO optimized keywords in native sounding words and sentences. All my work is proof read by native speakers.

English-Thai translation

English to Thai translation-RATATA BOOM

Thai-English translation

King power complex-translation
Pullman Kingpower Bangkok-translation

Subtitle Translation

Chuejaipark เชื่อใจป๊าก

I’m working for a Thai YouTuber “Park“. I translate from Thai to English with time coding but without transcription. I also put subtitles in the video.

Paul Pattarapon พอล ภัทรพล

I have worked with A famous Thai actor  “Paul” who is now a life coach. I translate subtitles on his videos from Thai to English. The client provided the transcription.


As my work above is with English subtitles, they are all proof-read by native English speakers on my team. I’m sure that you will be happy with my English to Thai subtitle translations too, as I’m a native Thai speaker. I have a large vocabulary of words, including slang to fit with what people talk about in any video.


Normally I do a transcription in Thai as it is my mother language. I have done this with interview audio, seminar audio etc. I also have colleagues who I work with on a regular basis. We have all been working together for years.

If you’re looking for transcription in English, I have a team who are native speakers. They can take care of this. We work together to make sure that we use the correct words to suit the style and theme of the project.

Proof Reading

I worked with a Ukrainian company. They have a YouTube channel for kids in Thai “RATATA Thai“. I worked as a proof reader to check that they used proper words and sentences in their English subtitles and Thai audio. The words needed to be suitable for kids, with correct synchronization, music and more. You can click on the video to see my work on this project.

Worried about quality?


I have a team who are native English speakers. We work together

to make sure that we use the correct words, slang,

and sentence structure that native speakers use.


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