Graphic Design

I create catchy and fresh graphic design image for any business including social media posts, thumbnails for YouTube, feature images for websites, ad banners, logos, business cards, merchandise promos, food menus, posters, and more. 

Ad Posts

Promotion posters, Ad banners, or any social media posts. I can create in English and/or Thai with a suitable font along with eye-catching pictures and design.

ads post

Pinterest Pins

The theme, mood or tone of Pinterest Pins that I’ve created can be a fresh one or follow a theme that you want to keep to be characteristic of your website. Not only can I create pin images, I can also create and plan a schedule to post the pins with a great theme approved by you. I can also check your main competition’s pins to make sure ours are more appealing visually.

pinterest pin

Instagram Stories

I can create Instagram stories, posts, or a highlighted story cover in .jpg, .gif, .mov or .mp4 (video) for your business or personal account. I can also create a template and provide fonts and .psd files for you to edit by yourself in the future.

insta story

Page Covers

page cover

YouTube Thumbnails

youtube thumbnail

A feature image for website blog post is the one important thing that you shouldn’t ignore. It can be an image that people might share on their Facebook or Twitter. It should be visually appealing, related to the article and an original image if possible because this is better for SEO.

“While you may have your stock images perfectly optimized, it won’t have the same impact or potential SEO benefits as an original, high-quality image.”Search Engine Journal

“It’s always better to use original images – photos you have taken yourself – than stock photos.”Yoast SEO

web blog posting images

Branding/ Logos/ Business


I can create a unique and cool logo as well as create branding for your business, eg. business card, merge, simple website, social media cover/ logo, packaging, label or anything.


logo business cards

I can create banners, flags, designs for t-shirts, and even large signs for business promotions or storefronts. For example this is a banner I created by editing an image of a griffin I found online. I changed some of the proportions to make it’s physique look nicer, and the feet a bit less awkward. I then added in the text in the style my client requested. This flag will be used on t-shirts and flags for an new online store.

tartarian flag

I have created lots of school posters for International school of Samui. I have 2 featured works from all of them to show you below, Left one is the English language summer camp and the next one is International food fair.

Food menu, I have maked it for Mini bar Samui. They sell smoothie bowl and healthy snack.

poster and food menu

More details?

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