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I do web blog posting for many authoritative websites as well as list articles, creating original images – which is good for SEO, data research, data entry, and more

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Web Blog Posting

As a web blog poster, I search images that relate to the articles and edit/create new images to make it up original images which is better for SEO than using stock images.

“While you may have your stock images perfectly optimized, it won’t have the same impact or potential SEO benefits as an original, high-quality image.”Search Engine Journal

“It’s always better to use original images – photos you have taken yourself – than stock photos.”Yoast SEO

Nonna Box

I have worked on many posts for this website with original images and Pinterest Pins. I also created meta-titles, meta-descriptions, description for the recipes, and used WP Recipe Maker to make the recipes with calorie counting.

Check some of my work on Nonnabox:

Pane e Panelle (Sicilian Chickpea Fritters)

Authentic Creamy Walnut Sauce Recipe

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina Recipe

web blog posting for nonnabox


I have done blog posting on this site with Elementor, created uniuqe feature images and some images in the articles too. I have done up emails for email marketing which was sent to the subscribers of this website via mailchimp as well.

Check some my work on Double-digit-dividends:

Why I Bought More Twiga Cement Shares

From the Mailbag & An Update of Tim’s African Lions Fund

Rich Pickings! There are over 183 companies in our research…


Global Value Hunter

For Global Value Hunter I did the same as for the website above.

Check some of my work on Global value hunter:

Coronavirus shut-downs have brought forward my plans

The Covid Curtain has descended on the world

Specialisation and free trade resulted in great economic progress.


Tuscan Decor

I did article lists on this website, researched images that related to the topic, wrote descriptions for the top of articles, create catchy titles, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, and Pinterest Pins.

Check my works on Tuscan Decor:

15 Stunning Tuscan Area Rugs

15 Glamorous Tuscan Kitchen Ideas

12 of the Best Italian Garden Decorations

and more…



I did one post on this website with original images. I added in alt tags, and image descriptions. I also created meta-title, and meta-description.

Check the website post here.



Data Entry, Data Seaching

Event Nation

The event nation company is a big directories event vendors in USA.

I made event vendor listing on the website ( The task was copied the best images from vendor’s websites and edit it to the actual size for as well as logo. 


Hong Kong Food Expo

I made up a list of companies who had booths at the Hong Kong Exhibition for 251 companies within 2 hours.

data entry

Etsy Product Listing

I have an experience to use and add/ posting products on the website with SEO keywords for a title and description. I create an actual size for the thumbnail and can create graphic images to make it more stand out.

Product list on Esty

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